My books are opening November 1st, 2019! Submit using link below

Where do you work?:

I work at The Outcast Club in Tkaronto (Toronto). The address is 1450 Dundas St. W.


The space is built on a foundation of anti-oppression, anti-hate, inclusion, and intersectionality; please be conscious of this when coming in.



The Outcast Club's studio space and gender-neutral bathroom are all located on the main floor with no stairs. If you have any needs (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) you would like me to be aware of, please feel free to let me know ahead of time and I will accommodate the best I can.


How do I set up an appointment?

My books are currently closed! When open, there will be a submission form at the top of this page that you can fill out; this helps me keep things organized and set up appointments as timely as possible. I typically prioritize flash (pieces i have pre-drawn to choose from) or custom projects that are of interest to me/my style.

If I'm a good fit for your piece, we can have a consultation one of three ways; over email, in-person at my studio, or over skype. This can be figured out after you send me the description of the piece you were wanting so we can get sort out more details.

I am appointment only (no walk-ins). My social media account (instagram) will say when my books are open or closed. If open, shoot me an email using the information above! If closed, please refrain from emailing me about your idea until they are back open.

What are your rates? What forms of payment do you accept?

My hourly rate is $170/hr. Drawing time is included in the cost of the tattoo (aka you only pay for the time it takes to tattoo).  I take on some sliding-scale projects each month in order for it to be as accessible as possible. These are ($100-$170). Scar cover-ups take priority, please reflect on personal privileges before submitting a piece for sliding-scale as spots are limited. They are separate from my other booking and if they fill up i may not be able to accommodate your project.

Cash is preferred the day of the appointment, but i will also accept etransfer.

What's the protocol for tipping?

There is no standard protocol for tipping, and you are welcome to give as much or as little as you like! You can also give no tip!

Do you require a deposit?
I will require a $50 deposit within 24 hours once the appointment is set up. E-transfer, PayPal or cash are all fine for the deposit.

You will forfeit your deposit if:

  • If I have drawn your design and you just decide not to get tattooed. 

  • You change the design/subject matter. 

  • If you don't call, don't show, or cancel without 72 hours notice, you will be required to put down another deposit to reschedule. If you cancel with no intention to reschedule, you will lose your deposit. 

  • If you show up more than 20 minutes late without calling/messaging/emailing.

  • If you need to reschedule your appointment, your deposit will continue to be applied to your final tattoo session, provided you give 72 hours advance notice. 

  • If one year goes by without a scheduled appointment, your deposit will be forfeited.


Do you have a waitlist I can get on? 

I do not keep a waitlist. If you don't want to wait for my books to reopen, keep an eye out on social media as I will post about any last-minute cancellations I may have. I prefer to do flash these instances. Otherwise, please refrain from emailing me about an appointment if my books are closed (although i am always happy to answer any general questions).


You're awful at emailing.

I am! I'm the worst. It may sometimes take a few days for me to get back to you please be patient; I didn't forget about you! This is my full-time job and I don't have the luxury of a front-of-house person/manager helping me with answering emails or running my business so things can get a little hectic. I'm working on it. Your patience and interest in my work is honestly so appreciated. 


Will you do a guest spot in my area?

I'm always interested in doing guest spots so please keep an eye out for any travel dates I post on my social media account. If your shop/space/studio is interested in hosting me please shoot me an email!